Should you want to request free sexual health supplies anonymously please fill out the form below. Note, this will only work during term time!

We’ll try to deliver the condoms within 24 hours.

PLEASE use a sensible code-word. Do not choose a code that is similar to someone’s name, or referential to anyone in any way.

If the welfare officers think that it is a joke submission they will not fulfill the request.

Sexual Health Products Request Form!
Enter a 'code word' of your choosing. The welfare officer will write this code on an envelope, and post the condom / lube / sexual health miscellany to a pidge depending on the code. If your codeword starts with the letters A-K the envelope will be in Lina Faggion's pidge, and requests with codewords starting with L-Z and numerals will be delivered through ?Bora Gülo?lu's pidge!, You can then go and retrieve the envelope from the pidge anonymously.