No one should feel isolated at St Hilda’s, and the Welfare team aim to provide support to students as they attempt to balance the variety of commitments they will inevitably have. It can be difficult to adapt to doing this all independently, and we – trained welfare officers and peer supporters – know the stresses and strains of Oxford life as much as anyone else!

Every Michaelmas, several students from the college complete the ‘Oxford Peer Support Training Program’ – once trained, these students will complement the already-trained peer supporters around college. The peer supporters for Michaelmas 2015 can be seen here. So, in addition to being students that can relate on a personal level, peer supporters are aware of the most effective way to help.

The welfare officers for the academic year 2015-16 are Lina Faggion and Bora Gülo?lu.


Sexual Health Products Request Form!
Enter a 'code word' of your choosing. The welfare officer will write this code on an envelope, and post the condom / lube / sexual health miscellany to a pidge depending on the code. If your codeword starts with the letters A-K the envelope will be in Lina Faggion's pidge, and requests with codewords starting with L-Z and numerals will be delivered through ?Bora Gülo?lu's pidge!, You can then go and retrieve the envelope from the pidge anonymously.