Ellie Bartley (Women’s Officer):

Hi everyone! I’m Ellie and I will be your JCR Women’s Officer for this year.

I represent all students who identify wholly or partially as women*. I aim to make St Hilda’s as inclusive and welcoming as possible. My focus this year will be to encourage discussion and awareness of current issues concerning gender, be it inside or outside of college.

My main responsibilities include running the Sexual Consent Workshop in Fresher’s Week and organizing Hilda’s annual Feminist festival, which will be a week full of diverse and fun events that will have a feminist focus. I will also be holding a regular ‘Woo Woos and women’ social event to encourage greater discussion and awareness of issues concerning gender.

I am happy to talk to anyone about any gender related queries or just general concerns! I will be training as a Peer Supporter, so I will always be more than happy to listen to any issues you may have that you would like to speak about in confidence.

Email: ellie.bartley@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk