Zaynab Ahmed and Nikhil Kommineni (Welfare Officers):

Hi, we’re Nikhil and Zaynab, the college’s Welfare Officers for the 2021-2021 JCR Committee!

We are here to provide welfare support to everyone in the JCR by listening to any issues or worries you may have. We are more than happy to meet and chat with you- including virtually if social distancing rules are still in place! We understand how nerve wracking university can be and we are here to listen to any concerns that you may have- no problem is too small and conversations with us are confidential. Sometimes it can be enough to just share your thoughts with someone, other times we may signpost you to other sources of support which are better suited to you or can help you have a long- term solution. We’ll try our hardest to find what works for you and a solution you are comfortable with.

Other parts of our role include maintaining and improving our College’s welfare structure, promoting welfare campaigns in college, organising welfare events (including weekly welfare teas and legendary family formals during Welfare Week (week 5 of every term)), and providing sexual health resources including contraceptives.

The JCR also offers a financial support fund, which you can apply for anonymously by submitting an application form (you can find this on the College website) to us. We’re both really excited to get to know you all, and hope you’ll reach out to us for anything and everything.

Welfare love xx

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