Amber Korde and Jonathan Pratt (Welfare Officers):

Hi! We’re Amber and Jonathan, the college’s welfare officers for the 2019-20 JCR committee.

We are here to provide welfare support to the JCR by listening to any problems or worries you may have and we are always happy to meet and chat with you! Sometimes it can be a massive help just to get things off your chest or to know that someone is there to listen. Other times we may signpost you to other sources of support which may be more suited to you or a better long-term solution. All conversations with us are confidential and we are there to support you in the way that is most comfortable for you.

Other parts of our role include maintaining and bringing improvements to the college’s welfare structure, initiating and promoting welfare campaigns in college, organising welfare events (including weekly welfare teas!), and providing sexual health resources including contraception.

In addition, the JCR offers a financial support fund, which you can apply for anonymously by submitting an application form to us. We’re both really friendly and approachable and we are always here for you so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

Welfare love xxx Amber and Jonno