Tasha Love and Daniel Syed- Chaudhry  (Freshers & Finalists Reps)

Hello everybody!!!

I’m Tasha. I study history, I’m a student from North Yorkshire and I row for Hilda’s! I can’t wait to have a chat in the JCR with you all soon!

I’m Daniel, a PPE student from Canada! I love vibing and chilling with the epic Hilda’s gang.

Our job is to make sure you have the most enjoyable Fresher’s Week possible! We will support you as much as we can in order to adjust to what will be a huge (positive!!) change in your lives. We also organise Halfway Hall for second years students when they are halfway through their degree and Finalists Week to help support the finalists during  their exam period.

We have so many exciting things planned! They include workshops led by the various reps (whom you will meet very soon) to sober and non sober events, to enable you to meet some wonderful people, get to grips with what university life has to offer and what it means to be part of Hilda’s.

We are so excited to meet you, and if you have any questions just DM us!

Hed Frep Love xxx




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