Caitlin Stark, Polly Lavelle and Charlotte O’Neil (Entz Officers):

We are Caitlin, Polly and Charlotte and we’re your Entz Reps for this year! Our main job is to organise entertainment and social events for everyone in college and basically make sure everyone in college has a sick time this year. These events mostly include things called BOPs (big organised party) which are essentially themed fancy dress parties held in the JCR a few times each term. The other even we will definitely be organising is Carols on the Stairs, a Hilda’s tradition that takes place at Christmas where you will be able to hear the choir sing, drink mulled wine and of course, scran some mince pies.

As well as these, we will also be holding extra events throughout the year (hopefully things like pub quizzes, matchmaking events and a summer BBQ.)

We want to stress that there is absolutely no pressure to drink at any of our events- we’ll make sure they are fun with or without alcohol!

The other main part of our role is to see club tickets every week which will be much cheaper than buying at the door. We will keep you posted about all our tickets and events every week through our Facebook account so don’t worry if its a lot to take in!

Please email:

Entz love xxx

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