Ethan Dodd, Harvey Grazebrook & Tom Harris(Bar Managers)

I’m Ethan and I am one of the 3 bar managers for 2020/2021. I’ll be responsible for making sure the bar is as lively, inclusive, safe and cheap as possible. The bar is excellent. You will love it. It’s going to be a good year!

I’m Tom Harris and I’m a second year chemist. Originally from Cumbria so am a friendly northern face and have absolutely loved my first year, such good vibes from everyone at Hildas. I’m going to be one of the bar managers next year and am striving to make the bar a great space for all.

Hi I’m Harvey, a second year PPE student, and I will be in charge of stock for the bar next year. My main aim is to keep a wide variety of interesting drinks on offer at the best price in Oxford. Make sure you come down to the JCR space and bar as much as possible because it is always great fun!


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