The JCR Committee is responsible for the smooth running of the JCR. There are a large number of roles, all representing essential parts of St Hildas College life.

The Exec. Committee

JCR President – James Bromfield
JCR Vice President- Ellena Eley
JCR Secretary -Millie Drew
JCR Treasurer – Anna Barber

Liberation & Support Committee

JCR Welfare Officers – Zaynab Ahmed and Nikhil Kommineni
Disabilities Liberation Officer – Monty Micheal
LGBTQ Officer – Damian Lewens 
Trans Officer -Zella Baig
BME Officer – Harveen Brar
Women’s Officer – Joana Baptista
Internationals Officer – Ashley Wong

General Committee

Bar Managers -Ethan Dodd, Harvey Grazebrook and Tom Harris
Ball President – Jess Grindlay and Maria Bassi
Buttery Managers – Grace Dewar, Liam Patell and Moritz Bolling
Entz Officers – Charlotte O’Neill,  Polly Lavelle and Caitlin Stark
Freshers & Finalists Reps – Tasha Lovel and Daniel Syed- Chaudhry
Access Officer – Saarah Karim
Sports Officers -Jenny Marsh and Ben Brown
Arts Officer -Maggie Moriarty
Charities Officers – Natalie Ruck and Beth Eames
Environmental & Ethics Officer -Niamh Gray
College Affairs Officer –  Alison Fiorini
OUSU / NUS  / Returning Officer – Ruby Mullens
IT Officer – Ellena Eley