Lina Faggion and Bora Gülo?lu (Welfare Officers):

Hi, we’re Lina, a 2nd year PPEist, and Bora, a 2nd year Biochemist, and we’re responsible for all things welfare at St. Hilda’s for this academic year. From providing sexual health products and contraception to helping you deal with academic stress and everything in between, we will be organising the support for students at Hilda’s.

We are also responsible for the college family system, allocating children and organising termly formal meals. The family system is a great way to integrate the years at the college, giving freshers a contact to someone studying the same subject in the year above.

You can have a look at the Welfare and Peer Support pages to get an idea of what it is we can do, and obviously, don’t hesitate to contact either – or both – of us via email, Facebook, or any other way you can think of!

Facebook: Bora Gülo?lu

Facebook: Lina Faggion