Shasta Kaul (Secretary):

JCRPhotoHello Everyone! I’m Shasta – a second year PPE student and JCR Secretary.

A major part of my role is delivering college banter (JCR events, photos… poetry – for general amusement) to you in the form of the Loo News on Monday mornings. This will be found not only in our stalls, but also come packaged to your inboxes with any notices that might be of interest to you, or that important people around campus consider important.

If you have any suggestions and/or submissions (citizen journalism is fundamental to the intrinsic charm of this publication), please send them to the email address below.

I will also be keeping a record of what goes on in our exciting JCR meetings – emailing the agenda before and minutes after them to everyone. Other than that, I will help organize JCR events alongside the amazing committee officers. If you have any JCR related concerns, ideas and proposals, or just want to talk about life, you can drop me a message/email – or just chat to me when you see me plodding around college.

UnicornLove x