Antara Jaidev (President):


Hello! I’m Antara, a second-year undergraduate student reading History, and the St Hilda’s JCR President for the academic year 2017-2018. My job is to represent and support you and to oversee the functioning of the JCR.

My responsibilities include liaising between the student body of St Hilda’s and the college’s administrative arms, and representing St Hilda’s in the broader context of the University of Oxford.
I’ll be working closely with the college administration, college committees and organisations and representative bodies such as OUSU to ensure the St Hilda’s JCR community has a voice and is involved in changes and projects at a college and university level.
If you have any questions/concerns regarding life at St Hilda’s, our JCR Committee, or just the college in general, I’m available via email, Facebook or in person – feel free to get in touch.

– Antara Jaidev