Blake Lewis (OUSU Rep & Returning Officer):


headshotHi, I’m Blake, a second year student doing Law with European Law and the JCR OUSU Representative and Returning Officer.
In addition to being a member of the JCR Committee, my role involves representing St. Hilda’s College to the University-wide student union (OUSU). This involves attending meetings and votes to ensure that the college not only is kept informed of what is going on at a University level, but that St. Hilda’s also maintains an active role and ensures the voices of the students are heard at such meetings.
I hope to get the student body involved with planned votes so that I can truly be representative of the JCR I act on behalf of.
The other part of my role involves the running of elections within the JCR. This mainly relies on ensuring they are run in a way that is fair to all candidates, results in a democratic vote and maintains the utmost transparency to make sure the students get the opportunity to make a free and informed vote on candidates.
If anyone has any questions for me, or wants to give suggestions for improvements to my performance of the role, I am open and always around college!I can also be contacted easily by email:”
If you need anything else, just let me know.
Blake Lewis