Alex Wenk (IT Officer):

Heyah :D

ALEXI’m Alex, a 3rd year Physicist, and I’m your IT officer for the year. My primary job is to fix, maintain and update the JCR website. But I’m also here to help with any issues you may have regarding internet / Wi-Fi / computers in general.

‘The Great JCR Print Credit Reserve’ is also something that I am responsible for. The idea is that as the vast majority of the JCR do not use (any / ) all of their print credit, whilst a small minority use vast amounts, and end up running out, it is in the JCRs benefit for everyone to contribute a small amount to ‘The Great JCR Print Credit Reserve’ at the start of the year, from the free print credit they are given, such that no one runs out. At any time in the year JCR members can request credit back from the reserve, if they are running out of credit.

If you have any  questions / problems / suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at