Florence Lappin (Environment & Ethics Officer):

Hi, I’m Flo – a second year geography student and this year’s Environment and Ethics Officer. The main focus of my role is to ensure St. Hilda’s College remains environmentally and ethically conscious. This means encouraging active involvement in topics such as divestment, eco trashing and waste reduction at the college level, as well as considering wider, global issues including climate change and fast fashion.

I’ll be continuing the fab work of previous E&E officers, such as the strive to implement meat-free Mondays and further reducing Hilda’s plastic consumption. I’m also keen to investigate how we as a college can reduce our food waste and potentially collaborate with food poverty charities within Oxford, since food insecurity is an alarmingly common experience for people living in this city.

Please feel free to contact me about getting more involved with E&E within college/across the uni – it’s for everyone, not just geography students! Also expect some questionnaire spam throughout the year (sorry not sorry!) so that you can help shape St. Hilda’s from its environmental policies to its dining hall menu.


Email me at florence.lappin@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk – all questions/suggestions are very much appreciated.