Jess Taylor and Tom Stowell (Ball President):

Hi there, myself (Jess Taylor) and Tom Stowell are this year’s Ball Presidents!

I’m an English third-year student, and Tom is a Physics fourth year student. We manage a committee of second and third year Hilda’s students to organise the entire ball over this year.

The St Hilda’s College Ball is held every year in the first or second week of our Trinity (Summer) term, on the college site. It’s one of the most exciting events of the year, as students of all subjects and years get to come together to celebrate life at Hilda’s, with several music acts and themed entertainments, as well as unlimited food and drink! However, we will also need help with things like creating a promotional video, contributing to a focus group and playing for the ball itself – so please feel free to message myself or Tom with ideas, skills or volunteering time!

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