Georgina Hislop (Access Officer):

13680966_1390391467644541_178845675626990618_nHi I’m Georgie, I’m a second year biology student and I’m this year’s access officer.

Being the access officer means I primarily work with possible prospective applicants and students. Applying to Oxford can seem like a pretty daunting idea for many 17 year olds, particularly those from backgrounds with a low rate of sending students to Oxford. It is therefore my job to deal with any worries that prospective applicants may have, and help to debunk any myths about both the application process and life as a student here.
While my role doesn’t impact the JCR directly, there’s lots of things that members of the JCR can do to help improve access to the college. This includes helping at open days, offer holder days, and helping to lead tours around the college during term time. My role also involves regularly updating the alternative prospectus, which other students can help to contribute to.
You’ll be able to sign up to be a student ambassador at the during freshers week but there are plenty more ways you can help with access work. As well as access in college, I can give information about uni-wide access work you may be interested in. Let me know via email or Facebook if you have any questions or you want to get involved!