The JCR Committee is responsible for the smooth running of the JCR. There are a large number of roles, all representing essential parts of St Hildas College life.


The Exec. Committee

JCR President – Georgina Findlay
JCR Secretary – Ally Cho
JCR Treasurer – Angela Liu

Liberation & Support Committee

JCR Welfare Officers – Jonathan Pratt and Amber Korde
Disabilities Liberation Officer – Alison Fiorni and James Lingfield
LGBTQ Officer – Magnus Jeffrey
Trans Officer – Aleks Fagelman
BME Officer – Benjamin Goh
Women’s Officer – Ellie Bartley
Internationals Officer – Andrew Strapan

General Committee

Bar Managers – Callum Sumpter, Henrik Bassett and Ella Fitzpatrick
Ball President – Jess Taylor and Tom Stowell 
Buttery Managers – Effie Webb, Sasha Dickinson and Isolde Cervoni
Entz Officers – Katie Evans, Francesca Mencattelli and Henry Hunt
Freshers & Finalists Reps – Hannah Rees and Akshay Pal
Access Officer – Serena Millen
Sports Officers – Ella Dunkerley and Henry Bushell
Arts Officer – Georgia Watkins
Charities Officers – Izzy Davies and Jane Bennett
Environmental & Ethics Officer – Florence Lappin
College Affairs Officer – Teddy Jennings
OUSU / NUS  / Returning Officer – Ralph Carro
Academic Affairs & Careers Officer – TBC
IT Officer – Max Taylor