Hey all,

We just want to flag up our PRE-TERM Links Group HouseParty. If you haven’t been before, contrary to popular belief, it’s not one night of a party at someone house’s, but rather a TWO-night party with our Links Group (in non-code, that means other Christians from Magdalen, Merton, Oriel, Corpus Christi and us here at St Hilda’s) in a farmhouse in Sussex. It’s a great opportunity to get together and have a great time celebrating each other and Jesus, as well as (unusually for Oxford) having some time to sit down and think about the upcoming year. I hear there will be Fuel from the Bible, Food, and maybe even some Fun. So come. It will be great. Happening 23-25 September, invite everyone from our Links group, don’t miss out. Whether you are new to St Hilda’s or have been coming for many years, don’t hesitate, and sign up via the link below, we would love to have you there, and are sure that you will love it!

Christian Union House Party